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Constitutional Cannabis is an information source supporting the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis.

Supporting Legal Cannabis in the United States

Know Your constitution

   Our community is fighting against the unlawful courts and jails that take away the personal freedoms and rights granted naturally to America citizens, rights clearly defined in the constitution. Through legal battles we can make U.S. legal history in the courts, in this issue, and where we can actively take part in changes which are causing persecution for merely a plant – cannabis.

   At Constitutional Cannabis, I have found myself honored to be standing with and in an exchange of that understanding with some of the Greatest Freedom Fighters – Warriors – Minds – Hearts – Spirits of this Century and to live throughout our current place in history, where here too, I have gained much insight, knowledge and understanding in this issue and others.

Repeal Prohibition

The right to use cannabis is a fundamental human right for U.S. citizens.

Natural Freedom

Freedom from legal persecution for using cannabis is the goal.

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Exhibit A: The U.S. Constitution

   The “Original “Drafts” of the Document (Q145 A – last 2 lines at bottom) itself was most likely drafted, written upon or with Hemp. I quote the last 2 lines from the link itself as it was linked.

   “It is likely, however, that drafts of the documents were written on paper made from hemp. In that period, most paper was made from hemp or flax and a mixture of recycled rags and cloth.”

US constitution original

   Cannabis Sativa L (Marijuana = Kaneh bosem = Cannabis = Hemp = same plant in biology – see sativa vs indica) as it was commonly utilized by our founding fathers as paper and ink as they were free to do at that time – when they weren’t growing it for industry, utilizing its medicine, or smoking it. One might say it is evidence of our sovereign unalienable Constitutional right to utilize this plant just as they did and that our Rights and Freedoms are rooted, founded firmly in our history and our Constitution which protects and guarantees them as it was established at that time by We the People.

   For even George Washington a hemp farmer himself said,”Make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere!” from The Writings of George Washington Vol.33 Page 270 Library of Congress 1794 

   Thomas Jefferson also a hemp farmer said, “Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing for as far as my eye can see.”  From the Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition

   “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”  Thomas Jefferson’s book – Notes on the State of Virginia

   Which directly applies to Exhibit A, and is a reflection of the times, knowledge, understanding, spirit and intentions of those who wrote it or were participants. As well as a reflection of the fact that farming hemp, including their many uses of hemp was just a part of the rights and freedoms they were attempting to protect when it was written and drafted w/upon hemp.

   (P-1- Begins) “*We the people of the United States, *in order to form a *more perfect Union, *establish justice, *insure domestic tranquility, *provide for the*common defense, *promote the general welfare, *secure the *Blessings of *Liberty to ourselves and our *Posterity, do *ordain and *establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

   It says, to “*insure domestic tranquility” which means to “make certain” “domestic (pertaining to home, household, a place in which ones domestic affections are centered, including country…) is a serene, peaceful, free from commotion, “unagitated = undisturbed” place of existence.

   Governments power or authority to regulate the conduct of and individual or invade ones home is confined to those cases where his conduct injuriously affects others.

   Whether or not, I choose to possess, utilize, grow,… What ever… in my home is not the Governments or Law Enforcements business, as long as I am not injuring another.

   Though the courts might consider sells and/or distribution of cannabis/marijuana/hemp to another as an injury. It is then their (the court) responsibility and job to then prove that any result of physical hurt, damage of reputation or dignity, loss of legal rights or breach of contract,… That they (the court) have alleged or claim have occurred are/were in fact a direct cause or result of your actions, actions of which the court might prevent, and were not the result of the actions, choices and freewill of that individual who they claim has been harmed by your actions…???

   Individuals have the right to freewill where their own bodies, health,… are concerned in deciding/choosing how they conduct/act out their own lives, until it directly causes harm or injury to another, resulting in a victim that did not make an individual personal choice. No victim, No crime, is how it was laid out when it comes to an individuals personal choices, conduct, health, even poison. (Examples of poison: Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeine,.. )

  Other wise, it is governments Constitutional duty to *provide for a *common defense and *promote the general welfare of *We the people and to, as well as, promote and *insure a *more perfect Union between government and individuals in order to promote *secure *domestic tranquility and observe an individuals rights to *domestic tranquility  to *secure the *Posterity *Blessings of *Liberty to ourselves, *We the people as it was pre*ordained and *established by *We the people.

Exhibit B: The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act

While both State and Federal Government continue to “use” Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp and their Exhibit B: 1937 Marijuana Tax Act for a purpose of the I.R.S. to collect from the individual and businesses taxes on income, property, imports, exports, sales, distribution of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp or any of the profits from the resulting property obtained in/for personal use, industry, technology, services or products.

The Tax Act was Repealed in the Leary v United States 1969  on its being  “Unconstitutional”, while they continue to mislead, misappropriate, defraud and claim that “any use” is Prohibited on the Federal Level… To promote general warfare…

Exhibit B: Marijuana Tax Act of 1937
Exhibit B ~ Tax Stamp w/ Receipt

  As they themselves (our government) and the Department of Revenue continue to “use” Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp themselves as a tool for propaganda to declare war and genocide to which they employ through the C.S.A., Law Enforcement, D.E.A., the Military,… At Federal, State and U.N. level in a blatantly obvious and criminal act of Sabotage, Ms-appropriations and Fraud on not only our “*domestic tranquility”, our communities, our families, our health , our children, our homes… our Nation… our Globe… from the both Federal and State levels as they continue except income made or claimed by sells or farming of a so-called Prohibited Substance claimed by honest tax payers on their personal or business Federal Income Tax Returns. While they continue to pass, regulate, enforce, collect, allow and utilize an extra special unconstitutional Tax to fund their legal lies and continued war at the State level on unsuspecting citizens trying to abide by and honor the law, while exercising a constitutional freedom and sovereign inalienable sacramental right.

Exhibit C: U.S. Patents

  The U.S. Government own and possess many Patents which are on file with the U.S. Patent Office Exhibit C:  Just one example: US Patent #6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” which is assigned to The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services, on its many uses, including medical, but not limited to, its use in being a cure for cancer… while telling the world, they know of no cure for cancer, or that they do not recognize “Medical Marijuana” or its use on the Federal Level.

   As they themselves continue grow, produce to distribute it to a hand full of Federal Patients for its documented and patented benefits… As so many continue to be Intentionally misinformed and ms-educated at the hands of our Governments Offices… While they (the people) go malnourished (considered cause of 98% of all illness and disease), suffer, die, and/or continue to be entrapped and incarcerated by the corporate government, and their lobbyist… (aka Big Corporate Government, the Corporate Medical Industrial Complex, the Corporate Military Industrial Prison Complex,…) and their Legal Lies. 

While so many of *We the people, individuals suffer and die as lives continue to go on, unknowing that there is a known cure or treatment for cancer, and so many other diseases… as our families suffer and watch… Unknowing the industrial, medical, religious,… history of it’s all it purposes or in its utilization in the founding of our nation, the entire truth… of its place with-in the “Web of Life” biology and/or science. 

  While they (our government) continue to defraud the American People in a fight to control and “*Secure” the market place, as they “*ensure” their profits now Guaranteed from Prohibition and the Black Market they (our government) knowingly created through Prohibition for the profit and control of a elite few.

*Promoting the welfare” of a limited few as apposed to *Promoting the welfare” of “*We the People”

As they “*Ensure”and “*Secure” those that they continue to give big Tax Breaks to, *promoting the welfare of  the Big Corporations who produce Licensed products… like Marinol = the synthetic man made version of THC, one of the main psychoactive ingredients found in Cannabis Sativa L/Hemp/Marijuana that they claimed is so harmful and toxic that they placed it in the hands of D.E.A.’s to Control and Eradicate under the C.S.A. – Controlled Substance Act as a Schedule 1 = meaning it has no good purpose or medical value… While they allow the sell of the Synthetic man made Corporate version of THC in many different synthetic forms and industrialized Pharmaceutical products… Including Medicinal Sprays… A reason we must care to grow non-GMO Mold Resistant Strains outdoors naturally, organic and not synthetically processed. Check this seed banks list for trusted suppliers.

As well as to “*Ensure” and “*Secure”, that they continue to knowingly and “Illegally Use” Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp and its alleged misappropriation under the C.S.A.  and/or their (our governments intentional “Madmen Rule” and an Unconstitutional Illegal Assignment,  as “all the evidence attached” will provide) as a Schedule 1 to utilize the Police, the Courts, and their Military Industrial Complex to ATTACK and DESTROY our *Domestic Tranquility and perpetrate their own ABUSE of POWER and AUTHORITY to ABUSE, ENTRAP, EXTORT, DEFRAUD, TERRORIZE  and cause GENOCIDE on “*We the People” of America and the Globe.

  Of course you can’t actually Patent a Plant, own it, to control the profits, or have they figured out how to do this too??? In an attempt to dominate, own, control in order to *ensure and *secure profits off all that is natural through GMO’s. Again Federally Regulating or *Securing control and ownership of plants through the U.S. Patient Office *Ensuring, *Securing and *promoting the *welfare of the Corporation over the *welfare of our natural resources, our planet, and the individual which includes *We the people.

   It should not have to be stated for the record in any court, that Sick and Dieing Patients should not being getting DEFRAUDED, overcharged, forced or otherwise EXTORTED into paying $350 for 30 tiny round capsules, of man made THC to keep them from vomiting or enable them to eat to avoid wasting… When Cannabis Sativa has been divinely naturally provided in the wild, and has been such a rich part of our national and world history, including industry, science and culture since the beginning of time, up until the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act and Leary v United States,… Which resulted in the control of the plant then being transferred to D.E.A. and the C.S.A. while they continue to rake in their profits from those who Lobby them, as our Government continues to collect the Taxes and the Kickbacks! From a so-called war on drugs. Which is actually a war about Industry vs Agriculture and Man vs Nature for profit of a few.

   As “*We the People” continue to have our *Constitution or constitutions = health, *posterity, property, homes *domestic tranquility THREATENED, INVADED, RAIDED, DESTROYED, CONFISCATED,… As *We the people, our Property, our Children, our Families, our *Posterity, our Lives,… Fall VICTIM to Corporate Government *established FRAUD, EXTORTION, RACKETEERING,.. that is the so-called “War on Drugs” for Profit waged by Big Chem = Big Pharma = Big Business/Industry = Big Medical Industry = Big Private Prison = Big Military Industrial Prison Complex = Big Corps and system of Capitalism which is of course Consumerism = Addiction based as designed and “*established” by the corporate fascist greedy elite to “*ensure” and “*secure” their profits, through their Lobby of Legal Lies, Propaganda, Misinformation, Ms-education,… that is considerably a major contributor to, if not a direct cause of Malnutrition, Sickness, Disease, Abuse, Addiction, Prohibition, Usury, Slavery, Poisoning, Terrorism, War & Death.

  Tenth Amendment  ~ “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

   In other words, powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved by *We the People of the state or commonwealth. 

Attach a copy of your local State's Constitution
State Constitutions

  You must attach an explanation of  how your state constitutional rights or freedoms have been violated. While citing – providing the quotes, sections, page #s, of the rights and freedoms that were violated and attaching to them to any Case Law = Legal findings from previous courts in the issue that are in your favor, cite cases which established precedence as evidence, … That lend or provide proof, prove or give explanation to how your Constitutional Rights & Freedoms have been violated in order for your argument to be rooted in a firm Constitutional base in the State or Commonwealth in which you have been charged.