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Please Utilize the FREE Forum(s) as in more than one, provided below with Respect and Wisdom. While remaining mindful of the fact that the Constitution did not give us any of our Freedoms and Rights.  The Contract only Recognized and Documented them as being Enumerable, Inalienable,  Sovereign,…  = Preexisting from birth. Therefore they are also recognized as “Constitutional” by “We the People” as stated by it’s Authors, and our Founding Fathers.

Heads Up! Do not be fooled, the U.S. Constitution is a Legal Binding Contract of Corporate Merger first. It is in fact, the largest Corporate Merger ever made in the history of the world or man. As has been previously stated by experts. So if you disagree or haven’t realized this, than you haven’t really studied it’s history or it’s words.

I have also provided a few very enlightening, and at least one hopefully inspiring, video(s); along with some lessor known or understood  information on this page. With the intentions of not only educating, but also in the hopes of inspiring some deep analytical action, debate or discussion and thinking… To take place. Perhaps, in at least one of the Forums provided below.

It should go without even having to be said, That, “With Freedom comes great Responsibility”=  No Spamming, No Abuse,…

I hope you’ll Join Us here for all sorts of Collaboration, Discussion, Educational Subjects and Topics, Sharing… Thank You!



If you haven’t figured it out yet??? Unfortunately, for far too long “We the People” have been miseducated, ill-informed, misdirected or mislead.???

Question??? Can one be mislead? When s(he) chooses to follow or be a follower, as apposed to choosing to lead and be a leader?

This is what we must truly ask ourselves. ??? At some point, if we are serious about determining or figuring out what went wrong or finding the answers… Isn’t it??? I mean, if we believe we have been truly victimized and want change or Justice.

How did we become this victim? Could it have been, that by choosing a passive position of a follower, instead of choosing to except our own personal responsibilities of acting, discovering, doing and learning for ourselves…???  {Baring and/or taking up our own crosses} Leading, instead of being lead, that has also lead us here? Just some thoughts I put forth here. For your Edification and/or Discussion Purposes, maybe??? As below, you will find our “Discussion Forum” for your utilization.

As a mediator and minister, I must point this out, as I myself have had to ask myself this question while seeking the answers and discerning, as apposed to making or passing judgements.  In order to come to this place or level of knowledge and understanding, that has lead me here and Yes! Even I have blamed those we have allowed and/or even chosen or elected
{The Elect?} to lead us into our own Documented Contracted Authority or Abuse, Bondage and Brainwashing, Carnage or Consumerism, Dependence or Addiction, Eradication, Fraud, Genocide, Hostage Taking,  Incarceration, Judgement, Kaleidoscopic, Litigated, Mandated, Negotiated, Oppression, Penal Colony Based Education or Economy, Quagmire, Reservation(s), Slavery, Terrorism, Undoing, Violations, Whore-mongering, X-Rated, Yeasaying or Yellow Zealot mindset of Apathy.

Yes, we have “all” abused our authority and dominion at some point in this life, I am sure. Even if it was simply by choosing a passive position. Like not caring about or exercising your rights to amend, repeal or vote… So…

Warning: Proceed with Extreme Caution when you throw blame {or cast stones}… As you might need to re-examine your position from an illuminated perspective in your glass house. As any inaction, is an action.

   Speaking of the Illuminated, Illuminati, aka the Masonic Order. As apposed to calling them out for who they really are or were. They were and still are the Tribal Healers and/or Leaders and Master Builders called throughout history by such titles as Clerics, Clergy, Builders, Pharaohs, Priest, Shaman, Teachers, Popes,… All accredited and established by the Jesuits or Greek Zionist?

For some reason? This one very important detail is over looked or intentionally neglected by the History Channels Film or Production Crew in the movie clip provided above or the full version of the movie. This movie does however document the same basic conclusions I myself have had to draw as a result of all my years of studies and research.  Although it does neglect to mention that, it isn’t just Rome or the Vatican.

That in fact, the Vatican and Rome or Christianity, like Judaism and Islam, all three Religions are accredited to being  establish through the Hebrew or Jewish Rabbi, and first Jesuit Priesthood of one man, Moses,  Pharaoh or Prophet over Egypt.  Who not only gave us the Jewish Torah and/or the first 5 books of the Christian Bible. He is also accredited with handing us the written word or writing {the Tower of Babel?}, along with  overseeing the building and construction of the great pyramids and/or Free Masonry.

Yet, Are the Pyramids even Egyptian at all? And was Moses ever a Pharaoh?  Or is it all constructed by the Zionist as many would have us to believe? Or did even the Zionist also come out of the Jesuit Priesthood?

The story said he {Moses} lead us out of slavery? Yet, it appears the opposite is true. As all Law is based on Mosaic Law = the Law of Moses. Who also gave us three major Religions and written words.

Yet we know that the Assyrian and Sumerians were responsible for the cuneiform tablets that recorded much of their history.  Do we understand that the Assyrian came from Arabia who’s origin is Northern Yemen and that this is the home of Israel and that Babylonia was part of Sumeria’s culture.

Which means Israel is not “Israel”, which I have said many times and true Jews as apposed to most of today’s Gews {Germanic converted jews} know this truth even today.

As the Babylonians came to power, they decided not to follow the footsteps of the Egyptians and Assyrians. They knew already that limited military campaigns wouldn’t prevent the rebellious Arabian tribes from attacking the Caravan trade.”

Now trying to figure out how the Mayans and their Blood Sacrifices work in because I know they are all connected. As blood sacrifice was against the tribal believes or covenants just as the entire “chosen tribe” thing was that got Judaism recognized as nothing more than a Assyrian tribal cult that obviously someone could exploit for power and profit.

Notice they said in the clip above that the “Vatican is guarded by Swiss Guards”? Ever notice that the Swiss Flag is an inverted copy of the Vatican’s.

Funny, how everyone overlooks what is in full view and plain sight like an elephant in the room. The “Greatest Pyramid” ever constructed = the “Corporate World Church”. Which is the “All Seeing Eye” on top the Corporate Pyramid, as each corporation is an extension of the first.  Including her Governments. Why your dollar says “In God We Trust”…

The separation of Church and State is, that they are Tax Exempt while building, designing, constructing, consuming, controlling, hording, over seeing, owning, or destroying it all.

Also keep in mind that the Republic came from Athens, who is also famous for their Military and the Trojan Horse.

Is Democracy and the Constitution, the Trojan Horse? I ask you??? Because it definitely contained some.

After all, it would be more accurate today to say that America is an Aristocracy, Oligarchy, or Platocracy and that it is just one block in the Pyramid of Corporate Government built by the Corporate Church of Rome. Yet, Established and Owned by the Jesuits.

Please, See my Legal Lies Page for more documentation and information on this subject and the extended Corporation of the United States. A Pyramid Scheme.

Something to chew on for discussion. Just in case you didn’t already have something to discuss.


I wouldn’t help define myself as a Human Being >

Ballentine’s Law quotes Cannon Law here >

Notice: “cannot be heir to any land.”
As apposed to Homosapien who can.

  human being See MONSTER.
—Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.
—Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

Unlike him, I do “want you to write you Congressman”, and tell them, “Your angry and your not going to take this anymore!” Though I do suggest that you pick your battles and words very wisely, and if possible, always include documentation and know all arguments, sides or perspectives of the subject well, before  contacting him about it. Screaming alone or in groups by it’s self fixes nothing.  Yet it is a start!!!

Like him, I would also like to see more of you Raising Your Voices!!!

I’d also like to see more of you Educated at the Law Library {every Court House has one}, visiting your City or Town Hall, the Capital, the Polls, Running for Office, Volunteering, at Activist Events and Local Protest, Leading by Example, in Real Ministry, Contributing, Donating To or Supporting those that Do… and/or Sharing this information. Thank You!!!